Youth Centers

The three youth centers in Villa Armonía A, B and C are open to all children and teenagers of Villa Armonía and neighboring suburbs.

Bolivian educators, European volunteers and local interns from the degree program of Education offer help with homework and guide the children’s games. In addition to toys of educational value, they are provided school supplies such as books, pens and paper. They all receive a snack in the form of bread, yogurt or fruits.

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During Christmas season we cook, bake and do handicrafts. If time and financial means permit, we organize excursions to museums and parks in the center of Sucre.

In cooperation with other social institutions in Sucre, we occasionally hold workshops and talks about topics such as hygiene, environmental issues and nutrition.

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Thanks to the youth centers the children and teenagers, who usually are on their own all day long, spend their free time in a structured environment and under pedagogical supervision. Not only their school performances improve, but also their social skills like discipline and group behavior.

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Centro Educativo Multifuncional Villa Armonía