Child Care Centers

In the child care centers Casa del Niño (House of the Child) in Villa Armonía, Villa Armonía B and Alegría children between six months and six years are taken care of during the day. The child care center in Villa Armonía features eight rooms for a total of up to ninety infants, attended by nine nursery educators. Villa Armonía B provides four rooms for up to forty children. The Casa del Niño in Alegría, inaugurated in august 2011, has space for up to forty children too.

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The main goal of the Casa del Niño is to improve the nutrition and health of the children. In order to do so, we developed a rich and balanced menu, including breakfast, lunch and two snacks. Additionally, the children are familiarized with basic hygiene habits, like tooth brushing and hand washing.

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The operating costs of the Casa del Niño are partially covered by the government-run Programa PAN, which provides some of the staple foods. The expenses for additional food, cleaning products, toys and maintenance are carried by CEMVA. The educators get paid very little by the local Department of Children’s and Family Services, therefore CEMVA pays them an additional monthly bonus, in order raise their working morale and improve the living conditions of their families.

Centro Educativo Multifuncional Villa Armonía